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Why should you protect your IP? – by Marks and Clerk

Protecting your Intellectual Property can be crucial for your business; here are our top 5 reasons why:

  1. Registered IP protection (patents, designs and trade marks) can be a very valuable corporate asset which can be sold, licensed, used as security or monetised in the same way as any other business asset.
  1. Registered IP protection assists with attracting investment which can be critical for early stage companies.
  1. By protecting your innovation by way of a patent you are securing up to 20 years of market exclusivity. An invention does not need to be ‘high-tech’ to be considered patentable, as long as an innovation is new and inventive you can secure patent protection.
  1. A patent is a badge of innovation which enhances a firm’s credibility when talking with customers and partners.
  1. A trademark protects your brand by stopping competitors posing as you and jeopardising your product’s reputation, and can be a valuable marketing tool.

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