How have game technologies and digital creativity advanced innovation in the world of healthcare? How will this shape the future of solutions to real human problems? A team of experts at Venturefest East aims to solve these queries and more.

Next Thursday 21st September at Newmarket Racecourse, Venturefest East opens its doors to the East of England’s very best innovators, investors and entrepreneurs for an exciting day of showcasing, networking and knowledge sharing. As part of a wide portfolio of events on the day, we are very proud to be showcasing a schedule of engaging track sessions offering insights into some of the most topical issues around innovation in our local area and the wider community.

Join our platinum sponsor the University of East Anglia (UEA), and Anglia Ruskin University’s REACTOR team for a highly innovative talk exploring the impact of gamification in healthcare, and how the power of games technology has been harnessed to create innovative solutions for real human problems. They will discuss how their partnership has evolved to find new ways to innovate, add value to products and services through the application of games technologies, creative digital methodologies and knowledge sharing.

We are delighted to have Dr Nicola Hancock, Lecturer in Physiotherapy and Researcher with the Acquired Brain Injury Alliance (ABIRA) at UEA, join this session to discuss the role that technology could play in shaping the future of best practice for stroke rehabilitation. Dr Hancock will discuss how the ABIRA research team are applying lessons learnt from their work with the Design Council and engineering teams to develop tailored, evidence-based solutions, to advance stroke rehabilitation.

Dr Hancock said: “The potential for technologies to influence the delivery and effectiveness of stroke rehabilitation is enormous. We are all working to reduce barriers to the adoption of new technologies and to use existing technologies in ever more creative ways. Our collaborations with many partners, including service users, clinicians, health care leaders and engineers, are central to this work.”

Jan Storgards, Sector Lead for Digital and Creative Industries at Anglia Ruskin University will be leading the gamification session.

Jan said: “Our objective is to add ‘an entertainment’ layer of value to SMEs/Startups’ innovations through REACTOR activities. We aim to demonstrate how gamification has the power of changing behaviours towards a positive change. It is all about play; achieve; and reward.”

Applications within healthcare and medical arenas, data science and tourism will all be covered in this engaging session.

We will also hear from these ground-breaking projects:

Playphysio – Will be sharing how they harnessed the power of ‘play’ to shape a new type of chest physio for child patients managing long-term respiratory illness by increasing adherence.

Nolojy – Will be introducing their new Cambridge-based startup that focuses on helping businesses understand more about their trading and competitive environments, using the Nolojyst Web Application. They will be discussing how certain portions of this platform have been inspired by game-tech, and how this had been critical to their success.

YoYo Let’s Go – Will discuss how game-tech has inspired their family focused tourism app that makes it easier for people to be their own tour guide when visiting brand new locations.

Altogame – Will give insight into their multiplayer platform that enables people to explore and discover different types of human interactions, to help develop new ideas, solutions and responses to real life situations.

Cypherdelic – Will discuss their genetic evolution game, ‘Alive: Rule the Seas’. You will discover how to turn your single cell into an epic monster.

Laura Welham-Halstead, Venturefest East Champion, said: “This immersive session is a must attend for anyone with an interest in gamification and its wider application. UEA and ARU are really leading the way with gamification, finding novel ways to use the technology to solve real life issues. I’d encourage people to book their tickets as soon as possible for Venturefest East.”

This session is set to be incredibly engaging and informative. Don’t miss your chance to learn more able how this technology is shaping an important future for us all. Book your tickets to Venturefest East now: https://events.blendology.com/vfe17 (Tickets still only £36 each)